Our products and bespoke AI decision engines help brands make better product, pricing and marketing decisions that transform returns.

Our world-class data ecosystem comprises billions of genuine transactions recorded over many years. It will enrich your understanding of consumers, helping pinpoint the drivers of past behaviour and predict their future needs.

Q’s unique personalisation capability enables brands to target consumers at scale, focusing marketing and price investments where they are most effective.

Through Woolworths Targeted Media, we help brands target up to 10.5 million shoppers representing more than 80% of Australian households one-on-one, with the right message, in the right place and at the right time direct or via their preferred channel.

Our products set Woolworths suppliers up for success, helping them talk the same language and partner for shared success.

Q.Checkout delivers a detailed understanding of retail customer behaviour. Performs in-depth analysis of category, brand and product performance. Explores trends and develops insights to gain a competitive advantage in understanding customer behaviour.
Q.Promotions provides a comprehensive analysis of promotional performance, enabling suppliers to execute a more profitable future promotional strategy.
Q.Shelf enables a supplier to understand range performance and impact of recent range changes.
Q.Shopper identifies high-priority shoppers in the department, based on frequency and spend, and profiles their behaviour in the subcategory to drive range, promotions and pricing strategy.

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