Our Health business is a joint venture between Quantium and Discovery Health. We drive health sector change and value improvement through the use of data, technology, analytics and change navigation. We work across clinical, commercial strategy and policy domains, bringing together a unique set of disciplinary backgrounds to solve healthcare problems using data.

In support of better health outcomes, our solutions harness granular clinical data to determine risk-adjusted patient outcomes for individual clinicians, benchmarked to an anonymised peer group.

Mining scale datasets, we match drugs and devices to patients and providers, enabling manufacturers to optimise their data-driven sales and marketing initiatives. Our proprietary measurement tools pinpoint ROI.

Introducing Q.Checkup

  Q.Checkup is a self-serve insight portal for the medical device market, giving you access to market insights across your product portfolio. Q.Checkup’s outputs help businesses drive strategies across products, regions, providers and treatment areas. Read more here

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