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Products underpinned by advanced technologies

Quantium is at the forefront of technological innovation through both data processing strength and application development. Our leading approach to technology helps power all of our products and services, as well as ensuring a safe, secure and powerful environment. In the constantly changing world of technology, we ensure we stay ahead by making sure our people never stop learning. Quantium currently manages one of the most powerful Hadoop clusters in Australia and our software engineers adopt leading design and quality processes.

Quantium collaborates with leading vendors to create a world leading analytics platform. One key partner is MapR, which delivers enterprise-grade Hadoop applications to support a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. Jim Scott serves as Director, Enterprise Strategy & Architecture and is considered a global thought leader in the Hadoop community; he recently filmed this short video describing the Quantium / MapR relationship:

Business Strategy Tools

Quantium has developed technology to demystify the complex world of data.

Our applications deliver inspired insights from vast data assets to the real world. We present data, analytics and insights so they can be understood quickly and interpreted effectively.

Quantium’s technology powers bigger and better possibilities by developing business knowledge into competitive wisdom.

Supplier Connect

Supplier Connect is a suite of best in class data insights tools aimed at putting the customer at the heart of the decision making process.

Leverages customer data to advise on core category management and commercial activities. Provides tools to help Woolworths and suppliers to jointly identify the most valuable shoppers, optimise pricing and promotions investments, make better decisions in relation to NPD and range and drive better media planning customer activations.

Quantium CheckOut

Quantium CheckOut delivers a detailed understanding of retail customer behaviour.

Performs in-depth analysis of category, brand and product performance. Explores trends and develops insights to gain a competitive advantage in understanding customer behaviour. Quantium’s CheckOut powers bigger and better possibilities by delivering data-driven insights.

Pricing Central

Pricing Central is an application suite that encapsulates the pricing process end-to-end.

Delivers pricing science and strategy to front-line sales staff. Assists in price negotiation, manages delegation authority and streamlines custom-price approval processes. Empowers each business area by providing the information required to make calculated pricing decisions.

Customer & Market Insight Tools

Quantium powers bigger and better possibilities by using data to deliver new customer and market insights.

We believe that great data is the foundation of powerful insight and understanding. Quantium illuminates the needs, behaviours and shopping habits of customers and how they are changing. We achieve this through our unique data partnerships with NAB, Woolworths, CoreLogic and an increasing number of other organisations.

Market Central

See data and your market in a new light.

Industry-leading data assets offer a unique prism through which to see and understand your market. Define and refine your strategy, monitor, measure and ensure that marketing messages are doing what you expect.

Get to know how your competitors perform in your market. Seeing the winners and losers in the market is key to knowing where your challenges lie in the real world as well as online.

Customer Central

Discover, understand and retain your customers.

Delivers a multidimensional view of customers through our extensive data assets. Understand how customers engage with your market, what will entice them to try a new experience or whether they are price-sensitive. Discover what drives them to be loyal and what challenges that loyalty.

Profiling is the first step in creating customer centricity. It is a necessary prerequisite for acquisition and retention activities, as well as for the activation of your targeted media strategy.

Property Central

Better bricks and mortar through data.

Quantium, in collaboration with numerous retail property specialists, has built a solid foundation in shopping centre diagnostics. We deliver a better understanding across all aspects of retail property acquisition, management, leasing and redevelopment.

Our approach has been integrated across most retail property businesses across Australia. Clients benefit from the scale of our unique data assets and the insights we develop.

Media Tools

Connecting brands to their target audiences across their most loved channels.

We empower marketers to predict and measure the impact of each interaction. The result is truly accountable marketing for the very first time.


The combined strength of Quantium’s data, tools and services.

Enables marketers to understand and profile their most valuable customers. Identifies those customers and targets them by marketing across the nation’s biggest media channels. Measures the success of each interaction by matching in-store and online purchase behaviour with exposure to that marketing communication.

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A single profiling currency activated through our media partners.

Combines the breadth of Quantium data with the smarts of our segmentation engine. A set of high-value profiles using household, retail and media consumption data to enable marketers to connect with their most valuable customers. We have predefined the most commonly requested QSegments or we can build a framework specific to your business.


How can you increase cut-through and drive growth for your clients? By choosing the best combination of reach and targeting accuracy.

QCrowds are Australia’s first lifestyle segments based entirely on real-world people and their real-world transactions. While others rely on recall, sampling, website interests and postcode mapping, QCrowds’ deterministic match gives your clients the confidence in knowing they are reaching the people who matter, not devices that behave like them. By combining its best-in-market consumer datasets, Quantium is launching fifteen new QCrowds segments.

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Australia’s premium Subscription TV audience measurement panel.

Multiview fuses Quantium’s retail and lifestyle behaviours to the TV viewing behaviour of over 100,000 homes, to deliver deeper insights into Australia’s viewing behaviour.

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Towers Watson Products

Quantium has partnered with Towers Watson, a leading global professional services company.

Together we provide comprehensive software solutions for clients to measure value, manage risk and safeguard solvency. Originally designed for the insurance sector, we evolve and develop applications to provide data-driven solutions for business problems across a wide range of industries.

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