QConnect combines our data, tools and services into five easy steps to enable better understanding and increased return on marketing investment:


Our team of consultants work to understand your business requirements. We identify individuals that represent the greatest growth opportunity for your brand through access to our unparalleled data assets. We identify the behaviours that we need to transform, and define the returns that can be delivered as a result.


Our team of analysts will discover what makes each of your customers unique and build a clear picture of the audience you need to reach. Data attributes, ranging from in-store purchase habits to media consumption, inform which customers become members of your QSegment profiles. We have a predefined set of the most commonly requested QSegments, or can build a framework specific to your business.


Quantium’s planning tools enable us to define the right vectors to reach customers. We use data to establish the best time and media to engage your customer where they will be most receptive to your message.


QSegments have been attached to the audiences of the best-known media owners in Australia. Our partners, including Foxtel, Channel 10, News Corp and Facebook, are able to activate your marketing across a common set of your QSegment customers. By attaching our audience profiles to our media partners’ audience profiles, we optimise your reach with the qualified target audience every time.

Measure and optimise

Through our data partnerships with NAB and Woolworths, Quantium is able to quantify the success of your marketing campaigns. By matching in-store and online purchase behaviour with exposure to marketing communications, we can measure and attribute uplifts in your brand’s sales that can be directly attributed to the marketing execution. We can tell you what the optimal frequency of exposure is and what customer profiles were most responsive to your message.

To find out more about how you can use QConnect to improve the effectiveness of your marketing, please contact us.

We only work with anonymised datasets – we don’t handle personal or identifiable information. For more information on our commitment to data integrity please visit the Quantium Privacy Charter.