Towers Watson Products


Originally designed for insurance pricing, Emblem is our preferred solution for a GLM software package where complex analysis of data is required.

Emblem’s highly visual and intuitive interface makes the techniques of multivariate analysis accessible. The application is designed to meet the needs of both general users and statisticians, dramatically reducing the training required to model successfully and to produce results. Importantly, it allows the user to focus on the analysis itself and to impart their industry expertise in order to add value to the statistical process.


Radar delivers accurate insights into strategic and tactical pricing options. This allows for increased focus on your marketing strategy and powers greater possibilities for your business.

Radar combines technical models, competitor information and other data to support rate selection and modelling processes. By comparing models, rating structures and emerging experience trends, clients can identify and validate pricing options through interactive scenario testing.


Towers Watson Classifier is designed for geographical risk assessment.

Users are able to choose from a range of the latest techniques and to combine the best internal and external data. Classifier isn’t limited to geographical risk assessment. It has the ability to categorise any risk/rating factor where the number of levels is large. The tool also has an intuitive, highly visual interface and allows the user to configure projects based on their data and to their business needs.


Igloo is a state-of-the-art simulation application that provides a framework to develop and integrate stochastic risk models.

Igloo is the modelling platform of choice for Australian insurers with sufficient resources to develop their own in-house capital modelling capability. This tool enables clients to assess overall risk profile, calculate regulatory and economic capital requirements, allocate capital, assess reinsurance requirements and pricing and determine asset allocation strategies. It offers a flexible and powerful internal reporting suite and interface with Excel for simple management of inputs and extraction of required outputs.


ResQ is the industry-leading loss reserving system for insurance and reinsurance.

This application combines powerful modelling and reserving methods with flexible mechanisms to structure, access and manage datasets. ResQ provides access to a wide range of best practice claim projection, adjustment, result selection and combination methods with powerful custom calculation features presented through an intuitive graphical user interface.