Quantium Health & Public sector experts

Dr Tanya Pelly

MBBS Hons. (Sydney) Head of Clinical Insights

Tanya is the Head of Clinical Insights for Quantium’s Health practice, and leads some of our public sector work in complementary human services areas. She is a medical doctor with 16 years experience in supporting evidence based practice improvement and person-centered service redesign.

Tanya leads initiatives that seek to define and measure program outcomes that reflect a direct impact on the lives of citizens, across key areas of human wellbeing. She leads projects that help government departments make better use of data to support day to day decision making within the system, and ultimately have a positive impact on the outcomes and experience of program participants and providers.

Tanya brings a strong background in change management an implementation methodology. Her approach facilitates pragmatic change that is co-designed by front-line service providers and clients. She draws on her background in clinical practice, education and leadership coaching
to lead collaborative initiatives that engage across departments, delivery organisations and providers to deliver better outcomes for people in need.

Tanya is a former Director of Health Outcomes Australia where she was Head of Clinical Integration. She has a medical degree (MBBS) with honours from the University of Sydney, and practices clinically part-time as an assistant head and neck surgeon at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Sydney.

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