Privacy charter

Quantium is privileged to work with many of Australia’s leading businesses, helping them understand and serve their customers better by analysing data to see how consumer preferences are changing.

We respect all customer data, both de-identified and personal information.

We ensure compliance with privacy laws and strive to define new best practice in the use of customer data.

Our practices follow a few key principles

  • We use de-identified and encrypted data wherever possible.
  • We minimise the use of personal information and, where it is used, fully comply with The Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles.
  • We implement industry leading, transparent processes to avoid the re-identification of individuals without their consent.
  • We maintain our own comprehensive data security, also compliant with major data partner requirements.
  • We maintain close collaboration with industry bodies (ADMA) and legal advisors (Gilbert & Tobin) to continuously review and maintain compliance with privacy law and best practices

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Targeted advertising

Quantium, in partnership with other media companies, may provide de-identified data segments for advertisers to target on their advertising platform. To opt out of being targeted by advertisers using Quantium provided data segments, please click through to the instructions here.