Quantium announces data partnership with Facebook

Quantium is delighted to announce the introduction of our audience segmentation capability into Facebook’s “Partner Categories” targeting product.

Facebook reaches 13 million active users in Australia and is the latest media company to take advantage of our large scale customer transaction and behavioural data.

Facebook’s platform will be enabled with a targeting capability powered by Quantium’s deep customer behavioural insights, leading to a step change in accountable audience reach and marketing accountability.

Quantium’s audience segments have been developed from broad scale transaction data sourced from de-identified customer shopping records.

These records span a number of categories including supermarket and liquor sales as well as wider retail and services transactions both on and offline.

Additionally, the data draws on an understanding of property attributes (sourced from CoreLogic), helping provide a rounded understanding of customer lifestyles and life stages.

The platform enables our clients to reach more qualified audiences, based on targeting actual customer behaviour. For example, dog food suppliers will be able to target dog owners and online fashion retailers will be able to target online shoppers who have an affinity to high end fashion.

Adam Driussi, Quantium’s CEO, said “Quantium is delighted to be partnering with Facebook to bring more data-driven targeted advertising options to the Australian media market. This partnership will enable advertisers to connect with their audience at scale, based on an understanding of actual shopping behaviours.”

The arrangement was launched by Facebook’s MD Will Easton in Sydney and Melbourne this week with Will commenting on the deal, “We think Partner Categories has the potential of transforming the way marketers connect with audiences in ways we simply haven’t seen before.”

Quantium will work with Facebook to provide support to clients and agencies to ensure maximum understanding and impact of the new opportunities.

23 July 2015
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