Quantium announces data partnership with News Corp Australia

Quantium is delighted to announce our latest partnership – a strategic data partnership with News Corp Australia.

Announced in front of more than 700 advertising and media agency executives at Sydney’s Fox Studios last night, ‘News Connect, powered by Quantium’ is a new advertising product that brings together News Corp Australia and Quantium’s data to offer unprecedented audience targeting capabilities across News Corp Australia’s digital media assets.

News Corp Australia reaches over 7.2 million users each day in Australia and is the latest media company to take advantage of our large scale customer transaction and behavioural data.

Quantium’s audience segments have been developed from broad scale transaction data sourced from de-identified customer shopping records. These records span a number of categories including supermarket and liquor sales as well as wider retail and services transactions both on and offline.

Additionally, the data draws on an understanding of property attributes (sourced from CoreLogic), helping provide a rounded understanding of customer lifestyles and life stages.

News Connect, powered by Quantium enables our clients to reach more qualified audiences, based on targeting actual customer behaviour and builds on a similar deal announced last week by Facebook. For example, dog food suppliers will be able to target dog owners and online fashion retailers will be able to target online shoppers who have an affinity with high end fashion.

Adam Driussi, Quantium’s CEO, said “Quantium is thrilled to be partnering with News Corp Australia to further enhance the range of data-driven targeted advertising options to the Australian media market. This partnership will enable advertisers to connect with their audience at scale, based on an understanding of actual shopping behaviours. News Connect, powered by Quantium builds on our long standing relationship with News related entities including Multiview, our market leading data partnership with Foxtel and MCN.”

The arrangement was launched by News Corp’s Sharb Farjami in front of 700 guests at News Corp’s up front event in Sydney 30 July 2015. According to News Corp’s director of national sales, Sharb Farjami, combining the two databases will allow News Corp to create bespoke audiences for advertisers by connecting what people read and watch with what they buy. “For advertisers, it means no more assumptions. It means creating audiences based on facts, enabling them to connect to audiences that matter across our entire network of engaging, premium properties,” he said. “This is a game-changing product for all our commercial partners.”

31 July 2015

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