Quantium reaches milestone agreement with Facebook

We are proud to announce our agreement with Facebook to become its Australian partner in the measurement of advertising impact on store sales.

Quantium is just the third company in the world to partner the data-rich media giant Facebook in this capacity, joining Datalogix in the US and the UK’s Dunnhumby.

Alex Macoun, who leads Quantium’s media division, said: “Facebook has been piloting measurement activity with Quantium over the last six months and is delighted with the rigorous methodology employed, as well as the results.”

“Consequently the two companies have now signed a partnership agreement, which will benefit advertisers and their media agencies who are always looking for better understanding of the effects of their advertising spend,” Ms Macoun said.

Quantium’s measurement process defines a statistical connection between advertisements which appear on Facebook’s platform and resulting sales as collected in Quantium’s unique customer shopping database. Results are made available to advertisers and agencies at an aggregated level to enable ongoing improvements in targeting and sales effects. All aspects of the process are fully compliant with privacy regulations and no personal customer data is used in the analysis.

“We have been testing this capability with a range of our clients including L’Oreal, Kelloggs and Proctor & Gamble, in partnership with their agencies, Carat, Mindshare and Mediacom,” said Ms Macoun.

“There have been a number of interesting learnings, including how different consumer segments have performed,” she added.

Christophe Eymery (Head of Digital & Media at L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand) said “Quantium and Facebook’s new measurement product has provided a level of understanding of our campaign performance that has never been available before. It has really enlightened our understanding of the impact our marketing efforts have on real sales outcomes.”

Naomi Shepherd (Head of FMCG and Auto categories at Facebook) said “Quantium’s excellence in understanding and working with complicated data was instrumental in developing this innovative measurement approach. By linking post-exposure purchases to a campaign, we are effectively closing the loop on understanding advertising effects.”

Through this partnership advertisers can now answer:

  • What was the in store sales uplift directly attributed to Facebook advertising?
  • Did my Facebook campaign cannibalise the sales of other products?
  • How do I rank different audiences and what returns might each segment deliver?
  • What types of people responded most or least positively to the campaign?
  • How can I optimise future campaigns using the learnings from each campaign?

The partnership will now rapidly scale up the capability so that advertisers from across different industries, and in collaboration with their agencies, improve their targeted campaigns on Facebook.


9 June 2016


For more information please contact:

Alex Macoun (Quantium) on 0422 300 896
Lawrence Puang (Quantium) on 0411 568 439
Jorn Sanda (Facebook) on 0427 025 577