Quantium wins global Facebook Innovation Spotlight award

Australian based firm, Quantium is one of the winners of the 2016 Facebook Innovation Spotlight award.

Facebook received a number of submissions from industry partners, global technology companies and agencies from all across the world. Previous years’ winners of the competition include behemoths such as Oracle’s Datalogix and technology company Kenshoo.

Quantium CEO, Adam Driussi said “We are delighted to be recognised for this truly prestigious global award. Quantium’s achievement demonstrates that Australia can certainly compete on the world stage with other companies that come from traditional technology hotbeds. We have always believed that Australia has some of the smartest and innovative companies in the world and this award reinforces that.”

The Australian company’s success was measured on its client results, uniqueness, market reach and scalability all of which were key factors Facebook evaluated in determining this year’s winner.

This award is based on the innovative approach that sits behind Facebook’s and Quantium’s measurement partnership announced in June 2016 (further information regarding measurement partnership below).

Facebook’s official notification of awards will be published on the following blogpost and will be available from Friday 15th July 1AM AEST (


What is the Facebook Innovation Spotlight award?

The Facebook Innovation Spotlight is an annual competition hosted by Facebook to recognise industry partners in their efforts to create technology and services that make advertising on Facebook’s platform easier, more efficient and more effective.

Each entry is judged on client results, uniqueness, the size of the markets the tool is available to and scalability.

2015 saw technology companies such as Datalogix and Kenshoo being recognised for “Excellence in Innovation”.

More information regarding the Innovation Spotlight can be found on and winners from last year’s competition on


What is the capability Quantium has developed with Facebook?

Through its various supermarket, retail, property and media data partnerships, Quantium has access to world class datasets providing a 360 degree view of consumers’ behaviours online and offline. By leveraging its media partnerships, Quantium is able to link media exposure data to in store sales in a privacy compliant way in order to create a powerful measurement capability.

This enables Quantium’s clients to understand the impact of advertising on actual in stores sales by utilising its partner’s purchasing data. Quantium also helps their clients improve all aspects of their customers’ experience. By understanding them better they make their interactions more relevant and more valuable.

Furthermore Quantium has developed audience segments which are used by many advertisers to target qualified audiences i.e. customer types with known shopping habits.

More information regarding Quantium’s measurement partnership with Facebook can be found on


15 July 2016


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