What We Do

Powering Possibilities

Powering Possibilities

Data is abundant but the insights we develop determine its value.

At Quantium our clients realise the potential of their data by better understanding how their customers behave and how to predict future behaviour. We help our clients improve all aspects of their customers’ experience. By understanding them better they make their interactions more relevant and more valuable.

Understanding consumer behaviour, from many perspectives and in the wider market context, enables our clients to make better business decisions. Working with our data partners and our clients, across a wide range of categories, we deliver data-driven insights which are at the centre of new strategic thinking to power bigger and better possibilities.

We do this by leveraging three unique capabilities:

Data Foundations

Data Foundations

We transform raw data into business knowledge.

The value of insights is contingent on the quality of the data available. Clients typically only have a narrow view of their customers and their behaviours. Through partnerships with some of the biggest brands across different industries, Quantium can add wider context and insight into our clients’ customers.

Our scale enables us to maintain our data assets to the highest security standards, often redefining best practices. The data we access is anonymised to ensure full compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We also tailor technology to ensure we are easily within the requirements and expectations of our data partners. Our capability and reputation for both managing and interrogating data enables us to ensure the integrity of data assets.

The result for clients is a step change in their customer and market understanding, which is the single most powerful source of competitive advantage and growth.

Applied Analytics

Applied Analytics

We develop real insights into customer behaviour and market dynamics.

The team at Quantium develops insights using our proprietary tools and applications. We work with our clients to analyse data to derive unique understanding and defined strategies. Our industry-leading team of data scientists has developed the analytical processes and properties we use to deliver on the potential of data.

Insights can be applied to small changes in customer and market strategy. However, understanding customers in a new way can often lead to much bigger changes in how an organisation approaches its business. Sometimes even enabling the complete reinvention of the category through data.

We develop insights that are practical, relevant and often inspiring. Our combination of analytics and technology empowers our harnessing of hindsight, insight and foresight.

  • Hindsight – what are the historical patterns of customer experience and behaviour?
  • Insight – how might we interpret data to maximise current engagement and value?
  • Foresight – what strategies should we adopt to ensure success in the marketplace of the future?
Strategic Execution

Strategic Execution

Insights need to be more than just a light-bulb moment to truly realise potential. They must illuminate understanding of customers’ profiles, needs, motivations and behaviours.

Quantium is determined to ensure that every insight has an application which will drive practical change and progress. We support our clients by identifying strategic options across the widest range of activities, to enable them to succeed and lead their industries.

Turning insight into activity spans product design, pricing, channels and improving promotional effectiveness. But it also reaches into core financial decisions about cash deployment and management to deliver known returns over time.

Our partnerships in the area of marketing and media enable the direct translation of customer insight to activation and measurement. Working closely with clients and other experts in the media ecosystem, we power extraordinary returns on marketing investment.

We help define insights from data and knowledge into strategic business wisdom.