We bring expertise in two core domains to make the most of opportunities in the ‘big data world’

Data science

Translating raw data into actionable insight

  • Data cleansing and curation
  • Data ecosystem
  • Data monetisation
  • Applied analytics

Artificial intelligence

Build transformative, data-powered solutions

  • Decision support tools
  • Decision engines
  • Machine learning

How we bring this together


We combine a diverse team of experts that spans actuaries, statisticians, data scientists, product leaders, strategy consultants, software engineers, delivery managers, industry experts, designers, and futurists – all dedicated to harnessing the power of data to drive transformational outcomes for our clients.

Products and platform

Quantium delivers breakthrough solutions in data and technology. We develop, analyse and monetise datasets, generate insights, create decision support tools and embed automated decision engines.

We bring all this to bear in Q, which powers everything we do.


We implement renowned data handling techniques, without which clients cannot fully realise the strategic and commercial value of their data.

We draw upon a 16-year track record in proprietary methodologies across data science and artificial intelligence.

We always go beyond mere data-led insight, into actionable commercial solutions that reshape businesses, categories and, at their very best, society at large.

Everything we do is powered by Q

Q is a cloud based data science and artificial intelligence platform, integrating 16 years of Quantium’s IP into one powerful platform.